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Elevator Emergencies: A Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts When Trapped

Updated: Apr 26

Elevators are an efficient form of transportation that makes it easy for us to get from one floor to another in buildings. On the other hand, elevator emergencies can happen occasionally, and getting stuck inside might be unsettling. It is vital to maintain control in these circumstances and to be aware of the dos and don'ts that can significantly impact both your safety and the safety of others.


Stay calm and reassure others:

The first and most important thing to do is to keep you cool. Anxiety can intensify the circumstances and lead to needless anxiety for all parties concerned. Assist your fellow travelers while keeping a cool head.


Alert authorities or building management

Use the emergency phone or intercom within the elevator to notify the relevant authorities or building management about the situation. Provide them with precise information, including the elevator’s location, the number of people inside, and any other pertinent details.


Preserve air quality

The air supply in elevator cabins is intended to be adequate for a specific amount of time. Avoid needless movements and maintain good ventilation in the cabin by, if at all feasible, keeping the doors open in order to preserve the quality of the air.


Communicate with others

Keep a line of conversation open with other passengers. If at all feasible, share contact details and provide updates on any health issues or pressing needs. Sustaining unambiguous communication can mitigate anxiety and foster a feeling of solidarity among confined individuals.


Stay near the doors

It is best to place oneself closer to the elevator doors in case assistance arrives. This facilitates quicker rescue efforts and makes access easier.


Use emergency tools

These days, a lot of elevators come with emergency features including ventilation systems, alarm buttons, and intercoms. Learn to use these functions and become acquainted with them.


Don’t attempt self-rescue

It is highly discouraged that you attempt to remove yourself or anybody else from the elevator unless you are trained in elevator rescue techniques. Handling elevator parts incorrectly puts your safety at danger and can cause more issues.


Don’t force open the doors

Avoid trying to force the elevator doors open. The doors of contemporary elevators are protected from opening between floors by safety features. Attempting to pry them open may result in harm or even accidents.


Don’t overcrowd the elevator

It's crucial to resist the desire to squeeze as many people into the elevator cabin as possible as you wait for assistance. Elevator overload can put undue stress on the system and raise the possibility of mishaps.


Don’t panic or exert excessive physical effort

Fear and pushing things on the physical front could worsen the condition and cause fatigue and dehydration. Hold your composure and save your energy as you wait for help.


Don’t use elevators during known power outages

It's best to stay away from elevators entirely during power outages or inclement weather. To keep others from getting trapped, use the stairs and let them know about the circumstances.


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